Marriage in trouble? Feeling a low priority? Need Marriage Counselling?

Do you wish you still had a strong and intimate marriage with your partner?

Marriage Counsellor Karen Gosling  has heard many similar stories from her clients.

She knows that sometimes not even the wedding is a fairy tale. Because it’s common that partners experience relationship problems even BEFORE they say ‘I do’.

Was that the case with you?

Or perhaps you have changed partners – several times? Be that as it may, that’s OK, we can’t always get it right the first time. Moreover, people change, and so the nature of a relationship will change, and feelings for your partner do too.

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But then you find your Soulmate…

First of all, your Soulmate is the partner you believe at a deep level that you will be with for a very long time – the rest of your life. In fact, you cannot imagine growing old with anyone else.

Yes, there will be issues and disagreements, and you expect the ups and downs. But in the first place, you want to stay in a deep and loving relationship with this person, always.

Is that possible? How do you make relationships work for that long? You don’t learn THAT at school!

So what do you do when your partner drives you crazy?

Do you find that you’re often irritable and on edge when you spend time together?

Are you constantly snapping at one another? What do you do if your partner gets mad easily and often? Does his or her raised voice make you shut down immediately or do you shout back?

Regrettably, if your partner is someone who withdraws constantly leaving resentments unresolved, how do you deal with this?

In either case, do you know how to handle these annoying behaviours that could eventually tear your relationship apart?

Marriage Counsellor Karen Gosling can help you fix your marriage before it’s too late…

Karen says, 

In my experience of helping more than 3,574 individuals (1,139 couples) worldwide from 98 nationalities, there are 3 things that contribute to the breakdown of a relationship:

  1. Firstly, unresolved hurts
  2. Also, ineffective communication, and
  3. Finally, not knowing your partner’s “love language”!

I will guide you on a journey to discovering where things have gone wrong for each of you in your relationship. Of course, you both want to know this to rebuild.

I also provide easy to use tips, tools and strategies to get you to revitalize your relationship and end the pain of emotional distancing. Above all, I share with you an understanding of your physical emotions – and why you feel the way you do. Would that be helpful?”

Ask yourself these three questions:

1. Do I want to communicate better so that I can deal with issues before they become resentments? (Presently this is not happening, right?)

2. Do I want to learn how to express how I feel without it becoming a full-on fight? (In any case, suppressing or “bottling up” intense feelings and not expressing them can carry a heavy emotional toll.)

3. Would it help me to find out my partner’s love language – would that make sure I keep my Soulmate? (Not guaranteed, but it would sure help AND let your partner know how you want to be loved.)

If your answer is YES to all these questions, make an appointment to see Expert Marriage Counsellor Karen Gosling TODAY!

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