EmotionMatters. How To Reduce Your Stress And Achieve Wellness

By Dr. Mike & Karen Gosling – Founders, RelationshipsMe

EmotionMatters3D200Are you stressed – holding on to old residual traumas and dramas? Are you troubled by your feelings and want to feel safe again? Do you want help with emotional distress and personal problems? Are you and your partner just housemates? What if you could understand your emotions better – Would that help you achieve wellness?

Differing emotional styles and communication differences between men and women can result in even the most successful people experiencing unresolved hurts, frustration, resentment, confusion, despair, ineffective communication and not giving and receiving love according to one’s needs—a path that too often ends in a person not feeling safe, lowered self esteem, depression, broken relationships, betrayal of trust, separation and divorce.

Partners and work colleagues often blame each other for their problems—and the discomfort they feel. “You make me feel like this,” or “You really stress me out,” or “You have to apologize,” are common refrains. The blaming that occurs is often a component of stress found in a long-term relationship—because you feel unable to make the other person behave differently. Do you want to learn ways that help you deal with that stress? You start by learning that no one makes you feel anything.

In this groundbreaking book, respected emotion experts Dr. Mike and Karen Gosling teach you how to reduce stress (negative emotion) and achieve wellness. Armed with exciting new insights into stress—learn about the emotional brain—men and women can heal themselves and their relationships.

EmotionMatters gives you proven tips for enhancing your emotional well being, enriching your relationships and living a more meaningful lives.

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KarenGoslingKaren Gosling is an expert relationship, trauma, and adult ADD counselor. She has more than 30 years of counseling, speaking, and training experience helping individuals, couples, children, families, managers, and employees build trusting relationships and survive their life dramas. Karen graduated with a degree in Social Work and Master of Public Health from Adelaide University, South Australia. Her other books include, How To Handle Difficult Behavior – And It May Be Your Own!, Emotion Matters. How To Reduce Your Stress and Achieve Wellness, Emotional Leadership and Enjoy A Life of EASE!

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