Surviving Life Dramas. How To Stop Whining And Start Living!

By Karen Gosling - Co-Founder, RelationshipsMe Want to survive your life dramas and live a life of EASE? — Imagine being able to understand all those negative emotions that you feel and reduce their impact on your body. Wouldn't that be great? — Imagine being able to recover from those negative emotions and become settled, even content with what life has thrown at you. How would you feel if you could do that? — Imagine being able to see the positive in everything that happens to you. It ... [Continue Reading]

How To Handle Difficult Behavior – And It May Be Your Own!

By Karen Gosling - Co-Founder, RelationshipsMe Almost every family, every organization, has them – people whose behavior impacts on individuals and can ruin relationships. Maybe there are people in your home or workplace with behaviors that upset you but who you simply don’t have the confidence to challenge, even though you would like to! Or maybe you will recognize yourself in this volume and start to realize how YOU drive other people crazy at work or at home. * I have difficulty ... [Continue Reading]

EmotionMatters. How To Reduce Your Stress And Achieve Wellness

By Dr. Mike & Karen Gosling - Founders, RelationshipsMe Are you stressed – holding on to old residual traumas and dramas? Are you troubled by your feelings and want to feel safe again? Do you want help with emotional distress and personal problems? Are you and your partner just housemates? What if you could understand your emotions better – Would that help you achieve wellness? Differing emotional styles and communication differences between men and women can result in even the most ... [Continue Reading]

Emotional Leadership. Using Emotionally Intelligent Behaviour To Enjoy A Life Of EASE

By Dr. Mike & Karen Gosling - Founders, EmotionMatters Community In this book we combine all of the lessons we learned over the years together - We share the tips, tools, and techniques that we developed and apply in our own lives. Believe us - They work! Emotional Leadership is about how emotional intelligence may be applied to everyday living to find the identity you want to empower personal and relationship change. Abundance comes from awareness. If you want an abundant and ... [Continue Reading]