Identify Your Partners Primary Love Language

identify your partners primary love language

Karen Gosling from Relationship Counselling Gold Coast can quickly help you identify your partners primary love language and use it to meet his or her need for love.

I refer you to the book, The 5 Love Languages, by Dr. Gary Chapman where he writes, “The desire for romantic love in marriage is deeply rooted in our psychological makeup.

The problem is, keeping love alive in our relationship is serious business. And many relationships fail because couples don’t know their partner’s primary love language. The trick to staving off separation and/or divorce lies in how effectively you and your spouse know and communicate each other’s need for love!

A counselling client recently did not use these strategies in her relationship to recruit her partner as her soulmate – leading to the breakdown of their marriage.

COUNSELLING CASE STUDY – Can you identify your partners primary love language?

identify your partners primary love languageIn this instance Brett was totally frustrated because his wife, Kathy, would not pick up the pictures he had left to have framed from the framers.

He had wanted these pictures to go up on the wall when his parents came to visit. His parents had come, they had had their holiday, and had gone again – and the pictures were still at the framers.

And so on this occasion at the counseling session, Brett said, “I asked you and I asked you.”

And Kathy said, “Well you could have picked them up yourself.”

Brett was an ‘acts of service’ man and he said, “I know I could have picked them up myself, but really I was testing you. I just wanted to see how long it would take you to do this one small thing that I asked.”

Kathy said, “Well, I thought about it often enough.” To which Brett replied, “Thinking about it doesn’t do it.”

Somewhat defensively, Kathy said,

Well I tried to more than once. On one occasion, I couldn’t park the car close to the framers and I knew they were too heavy to carry back to the car. And on another occasion, it was raining and I didn’t want to carry the pictures in the rain back to the car. Then there was another time when I actually parked quite close and I could have got them but the kids were in the back seat and they were screaming as they were hungry and tired, and I actually had to decide what my priority was – picking up your pictures or looking after the kids – I chose the kids.

And Brett said, “Precisely my point. It’s always something else or somebody else that’s got priority. It’s never me.”

That was the first time that Kathy actually took on board that Brett was an ‘acts husband’ and that she had not been able to identify her husband’s primary love language. Brett felt not loved because she had not picked up the pictures from the framers – an act of service. If she had known that, how easy it would have been to resolve that particular resentment.

Benefits Of Speaking Mike’s Love Language

karen goslingI have the benefit of practising my husband, Mike’s “Love Languages” for 37 years, and have an established a long-lasting loving relationship as a result. By speaking Mike’s love language to him, he is motivated to meet my need for love, by speaking my love language. The secret is to identify your partners primary love language and simply speak that language first!

But your relationship, like mine, will entail consistent effort and action perhaps before you feel like you’re getting much back (although with Love Languages, that’s unlikely!) . If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT MAKE AN APPOINTMENT.

With that said … let me jump right in…

And It’s MORE Than Just Counselling.

If you’d like to fix your relationship with your partner, this session won’t be like any other relationship counselling you’ve ever had.

First of all, there’s no fluff or filler – just relationship-tested strategies that are working right now in my relationship with Mike – AND an explanation of how to identify your partners primary love language and why they work!


In just one session, you can discover and start SPEAKING your partner’s love language immediately afterwards. Because it will make so much sense!

You can also use the same system learned in the session to fix all kinds of relationships …with your parents, children, siblings, and workmates.

For example, I’ve also used the same system to get my two sons to understand their needs for love and to discover their partners’ also.

So like I said, there’s more to “love languages” than “just” counselling.

Here’s a fraction of what you’re getting…

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Five ways of giving and receiving love to get your partner eager to reconnect in your relationship ...before they even see your pitch. Believe it or not, one way is by acts of service like in the case study above! See how it works (and the other four ways as well).

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Can you really get your partner in one afternoon to become your soulmate – even if his or her "love language" is a complete "unknown" and even if you have never heard of "love languages" before?

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TODAY: Get in front of your partner who loves you. The secret is giving to him or her in a way to meet their need for love BEFORE expecting your partner to meet your need for love. In giving you will receive back in abundance.

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This is a new approach to engaging with your partner. It's like nothing you've ever seen before, and it positions you as a trusted lover.

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A proven way to get your partner coming to you for more. Forget the usual "blaming and complaining stuff." This approach works much better and makes you look like a hero.

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You need the right moment or circumstance in order to get your partner involved, right? Wrong! The "usual stuff" totally backfires when it comes to winning over your soulmate. Here's a brand new approach that's faster, simpler to implement, and quite frankly better.

I built my enduring relationship with Mike using three simple tools including 1) resolving past hurts (his and mine), 2) using effective communication, and 3) learning to speak his love language (as he did for me!). Use these tools to help you identify your partners primary love language.

You’re right …that is a lot of relationship-tested strategies and tactics. And it’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

In this session you’ll learn how to close a constant loving romance – with no pressure, convincing, or traditional “badgering”.

This simple but effective method has been giving Mike and me a great relationship for almost 40 years running, but other couples just don’t do it!

Want to know the best part? The counselling sessions are …

Specifically Targeted For People Who Are In A “Disconnected Relationship”

You can do this.

Relationship Counselling helps you identify your partners primary love language and implement strategies in your relationship so that your partner starts feeling loved by you and you feel loved in return. This means that you’ve moved several steps forward on becoming reconnected and SAVING YOUR RELATIONSHIP.

Book An Appointment Now!

In your counselling session I will provide you a compassionate empathic ear, help you understand the cause of your relationship or personal issues, and outline a pathway forward. As I’ve said, I will give you strategies that you can use to start reconnecting immediately with each other.

counselling feesFor example, I’ll also show you how to:

  • Stop bringing up things from the past,
  • Speak so your partner doesn’t get defensive, and
  • Start showing affection to one another again.

Your first counselling session with me will be for 60-90 minutes.  It can be alone or with your partner. We’ll meet face-to-face in my counselling rooms, or talk over the phone or online via Skype.

The solutions I will outline will give you the hope you need to overcome your issues and make your relationship work as soon as you identify your partners primary love language.

Your fee for this session is $240. Please pay your counselling fee now choosing one of the two payment methods below.

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karen gosling

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