Your Emotional Style

There is more than one emotional style … Which one are you?

Aristotle (384-322 BCE) said…

“The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness, and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival”.

reactive emotional style
avoidant emotional style
Mike said…“I learned at great cost to manage my reactive emotional style.” Karen said…“I was astonished to discover my avoidant emotional style.”

There are two emotional styles – avoidant and reactive. Regardless of your gender, you are more likely to display more of one style than the other.

Mike and Karen Gosling are married. They are both highly educated and intelligent. Mike has a Masters in Business Administration and a PhD in emotional intelligence. Karen holds a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and a Masters in Public Health.

Both Mike and Karen have been successful in their careers, raised two wonderful sons, traveled the world, and have offered advice and support to many people from all walks of life to improve human wellness.

They are stable and influential, in a relationship lasting more than 32 years. They have collaborated to provide clients the benefit of their combined knowledge and experience in life.

But Mike and Karen each have a different emotional style. They respond differently to the same event and experience emotion in totally different ways. And because they are both fully aware of their emotional style and the impact it has physiologically on their bodies, they experience and manage their worlds very differently.

Do you experience emotions very intensely or avoid situations that might elevate your emotions? Are you the type of person who let’s things simmer for a while or do you blow-up? Each of these are part of your emotional style.

Awareness of your emotional style offers you the opportunity to change your mind and change your life, elevating emotional well-being.

Which emotional style are you?

Read each of the articles below to find what emotional style you are. Think of people in your life and the style they might be. Remember situations when differing emotional styles caused a conflict and how it affected the relationship at that moment. Knowing how each person handles emotions will help you to rekindle your romance.

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