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“I highly recommend Karen…”

“In her work, Karen Gosling aims to bring out the positive aspects of self and our life. She offers hope and a feeling of control over one’s life choices.  I highly recommend Karen  to all who want to know themselves and their inner power to control and enjoy their destiny.”

– Melody Appleton, Chartered Psychologist, UK


“An outstanding, caring, and supportive professional…”

“You can be absolutely certain that when you meet and engage with Karen Gosling you will have found an outstanding caring and supportive professional who will help you be emotionally healthy, wealthy and wise. If Karen can’t assist you directly, she will go out of her way to find you the resources and medical or allied health professional to address your concerns.”

– Dr. Mike Gosling, Emotional Leader Coach

“The final piece of the puzzle…”

“On Wednesday 14 January 2008, you gave me the final piece of the puzzle that makes up the person Jacinta Noonan!  Your talk on HSP’ers was one of the biggest turnarounds in my life but little did I know an even bigger turnaround was about to happen. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and observations of me as an ADD Adult. You have handed me a gift that is more significant than you will ever know. Thank you for helping me make sense of me.

– With love, Jacinta


“Karen took me on a road trip of self-discovery in defining my own personality and that of the person closest to me and how the dynamics of our relationship was affected by it all; it all started to make sense.  Moreover, her counseling has guided me to establish the right direction in life in order to help and protect the ones in need and to learn to take care of myself. I have since attended nearly all of her seminars, even the ones on subjects that were at first hand not applicable to me, as they all provided explanations and tools for living a healthier and happier life. Her knowledge made me able to help others in need as well, as too many people suffer unnecessarily for reasons that can be explored and dealt with.”

– A Grateful Dad, Singapore

“You Had A very Big Part In Helping Me In A Very Dark Time…”

“Dear Karen, A very belated ‘welcome back’ to Australia!!!  It was probably about four years ago when I wrote to you briefly and then I saw you in Singapore that time. Time flies!  I have several friends who have moved up near you (Gold Coast, Queensland) so will recommend them to the most wonderful, smart and lovely counsellor if they need one. I really just wanted to let you know how I am because you had a very big part in helping me in a very dark time and I will always be grateful for that. Let me know if I can write a testimonial for you or anything. You’ll get a mention in my book too :-)”

– Bye for now, Leanne

“I Cannot Thank You Enough For Your Personal Attention To My Family.”

“Dear Karen, I cannot thank you enough for your personal attention to my family. In this very short time we have an absolutely wonderful result.Both D (wife) and I respect the professional relationship between you and (our daughter) and am extremely comfortable with this as the feedback from both you and (daughter) is providing a very high level of comfort today and looking into the future. Interestingly you have said in your email verbatim what D (wife) has been saying all along – it is in there, it just can not be expressed.Could you provide the invoices for the sessions thus far so as we can claim them ……….. and as we get to the end of the current plan I will renew the subscription without delay.I am and am sure I can speak on behalf of D very keen for (our daughter) to continue with this relationship into the future – particularly while she continues to develop into her own person.”

Karen – Thank you. 

“Thank you for such an enlightening session…”

“Hi Karen,

Thank you so much for last night, it was such an enlightening session and has already helped us to handle a situation with our kids today differently than we would have (sic) normally, and it was so much better.”

Thanks again, Linda. 

Relationship Issues…

“Hello Karen, It’s LC. Hope you are well. Just wanted to touch base with you. R and I are doing well yet R is still recovering from his shoulder surgery. With our recoveries, visitors and being extremely busy, things are just rolling on. It’s reassuring for us to know you’re only a phone call away and we will make another appointment in the weeks to come.”

Best wishes,  Lx

After Separation…

In an email from a husband whose wife left him 3 months earlier: they had come together to a session to communicate better about arrangements re their son (5yo) and matters around the financial separation:

“Hi Karen… I really liked the counselling you provided and wish we had of dealt with someone like you at the start of our problems, we may have been able to rescue our relationship.”

August 2017

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