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“Don’t know how I can begin
to thank you.”

“Don’t know how I can begin to thank you! You cleared away all of the guilt and ‘what if’s’ and ‘buts’ for me and I feel SO MUCH BETTER. Think I got a real understanding of what happened, feel much stronger knowing that sooner or later it’s all going to be but a memory. I’m ready to move on rapidly and put the past behind me. Am reading the material you gave me – quite fascinating really. Hope we meet again!”


“Your advice on this matter
has been priceless.”

“Thanks for your kind and thoughtful email Karen. The letter/advice worked better than I could ever have hoped. We are now “best friends” (according to him) and life is 1,000% better. Your advice on this matter has been priceless. You really nailed this one for me and I am (as always) eternally grateful!!! Thanks a million.”


“I would like to continue
this journey with you…”

“Hi Karen, Thanks so much for today and all your help over the last 6 months. Slowly I am finding myself and hopefully finding a more fulfilling life….for me! I would like to continue on this journey with you and will make contact again soon. Kindest regards.”


“Karen’s counseling
capabilities are extraordinary …”

“Karen’s counseling capabilities are an extraordinary fusion of technical skill, sound knowledge and, above all, a truly caring disposition. She is a great listener: patient, empathetic, warm, yet analytical. I found her to be a very sincere, helpful person, for whom counseling and helping others is a true and natural calling.”

– 26 year old Singaporean male


“My husband and I were
heartened by your approach.”

“My daughter [in her 20s] saw you a few times last year. Both my husband and I were very heartened by your approach and also your encouraging support to her. We feel that our second daughter [aged 17] may benefit by talking through some issues with you, someone who is personally removed from the family.”

– Expatriate couple living and working in Singapore.


“We may not be where we are
without all your help.”

“We just want to say how grateful we were for the help you gave us. We may not be where we are without all your help.”


“Thank you Karen for
yesterday’s session …”

“Thank you Karen for yesterday’s session.  I get a bit fragile after we speak, but once I process it I feel a touch more in control each time.  I really appreciate the fact that you know so much about the physical/chemical side of emotions.  I have never met a “counsellor” before who does.  I will be in touch again soon … I don’t regard you as a “counsellor” …  More an educator and a friend.”


“I started watching your DVDs
to understand my partner more…”

Hi Karen – Since our return home I must admit that my feelings and emotions have been somewhat erractic so started watching your DVDs firstly to understand my partner more and  …  so started to watch the ones which can help me survive this. I truly don’t want to feel like this … My apologies for going on but I need someone with your years of experience & understanding.


“Karen took me on a road trip
of self discovery …”

Karen took me on a road trip of self-discovery in defining my own personality and that of the person closest to me and how the dynamics of our relationship was affected by it all; it all started to make sense.


“Working with you – our best
chance of achieving emotional health”

I feel sure that our meeting you and working with you is the best chance we have of each individually achieving our best possible emotional health. And that has to be a good thing.

Wife of a couple who were attending for marriage counseling, after 4th session.


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