Meet Therapist Karen Gosling

meet therapist karen goslingHello, I’m Karen Gosling. Thank you for visiting my website. I hope that you are extremely successful, and that life is all you’ve imagined it could be.

If, on the other hand, you’re wanting some guidance to deal with emotional distress, are simply troubled by your feelings, or want to strengthen behaviors that may be stopping you from being where you want to be, let me assure you that the seeds of greatness are within you to be manifested now.

How can I know this? Because I provide you tips, tools and strategies that I use in my own life to deal with life’s dramas and people, situations and events that can cause us stress. Emotion management is perhaps the most vital part of the process.

I’m the author of five books, a professional counselor, mental health social worker, and the Co-Founder of Gosling International, the world’s fastest-growing provider of emotional leadership counseling and coaching services.  Join me in our online community at, which is centered on How To Make Better Relationships.

Meet Therapist Karen Gosling

I provide professional face-to-face, Skype and telephone cognitive-behavioral counseling in my rooms at Labrador, Gold Coast, Queensland, to individuals, couples and family groups.  I feel privileged to have helped more than 5,500 people from 83 nationalities around the world in more than 35 years while based in Australia and South East Asia to become emotionally healthy, wealthy and wise – I can help you too!

I’ll help you manage your stress, anger or anxiety, infidelity, marriage relationship, family conflict, communication problems, grief and loss, depression, new medical diagnosis, lowered self-esteem, separation or divorce, trauma or critical incident, or adult ADD partner and empower you to create your blueprint to regain control in your life – so that you can live the extraordinary life you’ve always wanted.

I specialise in relationship counseling and have an innate ability to identify with and assist clients in emotional distress. You can have no doubt that once you have met and engaged with me, I will use all my 35 years of experience in dealing with people in human support services to facilitate a change for the better.

A sought after public speaker, I was a valued part-time lecturer in medical social work at the National University of Singapore (NUS) 1998-2000.

I graduated with a BA (Social Work) from the University of South Australia and a Master of Public Health from The University of Adelaide, South Australia. I’m an accomplished author of five books and 26 video DVDs. These are available for purchase at my website.

Areas of Expertise

  • Counseling couples experiencing relationship issues, trauma, communication difficulties, and Adult ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder).
  • Promoting the emotional well-being of people suffering stress/ anxiety/depression by education and providing strategies to correct negative thinking.
  • Helping highly sensitive people (HSPs) understand and manage their emotional style.
  • Providing top-level training to raise emotionally intelligent leaders based on The EmotionalLeader Program (ELPro).
  • Delivering keynote speeches to relevant agencies and conferences on crises, relationship issues, surviving life dramas, and raising emotional wellness.
  • Building a network of medical and allied health professionals and resources to ensure clients receive a quality service and the best outcome for their issues.

My hope is for you to live a more meaningful life. My relationship secrets is an exclusive suite of brain healthy resources, and it’s making a positive, measurable, long-term difference in the lives of thousands of clients who live all around the world.

I work closely with my husband Mike to provide a highly effective, highly valued professional counselling and behavioural coaching service.

I very much look forward to serving you. Please call me on +61. 413.750.699.