How To Grow Emotional Skills

Grow Emotional Skills
By Dr. Mike Gosling – The Emotional Leader Program

If you’re like me, you focus most of your attention on personal growth. You know that developing emotional skills is priority number one. Thinking about career and promotion – That’s just a distraction.

But I would venture to say most people are not like me. Most people focus on the functional skills – finance, banking, engineering, medicine, law – one needs to survive and be competitive in a modern world where success is often measured by what your title is or how much money you have in the bank. That’s not to say that these ‘functional’ skills are not important – they are. And as Mr Lee Kuan Yew, former Prime Minister of Singapore once said, without money you can’t move. He’s right! We all need money, and lots of it.

I argue in my blog that emotional skills are far more important than any functional skill in achieving a high level of peace and calm within oneself to empower yourself and others around you to achieve lofty goals in terms of relationships, career, financial health and mental and physical health. I would go so far as to say that without emotional skills you are the lesser for it. This is so because there is much more to the world of emotion than just feeling good or bad. Everything begins with emotion. Emotion is the force of real life.

To be healthy, your brain needs to function well. Give your brain what it needs – healthy neurotransmitters for right thinking and freedom from conditioned responses. How do you do this?

True health and well-being is a function of many things – good nutrition, regular exercise, adequate rest, clean water, and freedom from emotional constipation.

Emotional skills help you end emotional pain and restore brain function so you are free to build happy, healthy relationships. This blog and Karen’s and my online emotional health and wellness center, EmotionMatters, is dedicated to helping you get through times of anger, trauma, fear or insecurity and move on in your life regardless of your situation. EMC is like having a personal trainer for your emotional brain. Our goal for this blog is to help you learn what emotional health is all about for men and women and why it is center stage in your happiness and well-being.

Your emotional brain is the center of your emotional and physical health and wellness. Brain function and neurotransmitters are highly dependent on energy. If your brain cells cannot produce enough energy, because of a depletion of neurotransmitters like serotonin, and there is too much oxidative stress, then neurons don’t fire, connections in your brain aren’t made and the lights don’t go on. Your physical health suffers as the symptoms of emotional constipation, or poor brain function, become evident in your body.

EmotionMatters has the tips, tools and techniques to help you fight back against the biological dysfunction of your brain – caused by your black brain – and get through emotional stress. You need to unpack your negative brain. You need emotional wealth tips to help you manage your emotions. You will conquer, move on from, and get over your anger, fear or insecurity, increase your well-being and gain peace of mind. My wife, Karen Gosling, a pioneer in the field of emotional wealth, and I can absolutely positively help you get from here to where you want to be!

Let’s start with a definition – Emotional wealth involves learning and applying emotional skills to manage your emotional responses in various situations and guide your thinking and actions to lead a more meaningful life.

Get our pioneering work on the subject. Step inside the complete Emotional Leadership Book. Karen and I wrote this book for our private clients and seminar participants to show them how to let go of stress and become emotionally healthy, wealthy and wise. We reveal the stress-busting strategies needed to live a healthy lifestyle – the same techniques and methods we have used in our own lives to be emotionally free. Here is some of what’s covered and what I will discuss in the coming blog posts:

  • Step by step guidance to understand adrenalin and the physiological effects of stress felt in the body
  • Building a list of emotion words that I can use time and time again. (This is vital to your ability to express emotion)
  • Why you need to be able to effectively manage your emotions
  • How to convert anger into assertion and anxiety into appreciation … not just keep behaving the same old way
  • The importance of the 4-step cognitive framework in building your network of influence
  • Understanding changes and blends in emotions
  • How you can use your current emotional strengths to understand and manage others better
  • What to do each day to maximize right choices in building trust in relationships

Today each of us needs to check our ego at the door … Emotional Leadership is the premier way to learn how to do this. Learn to recognize, use, understand and manage your emotions and the emotions of others and you’ll do better as an emotional mastermind.

Are you ready to improve your emotional intelligence abilities?

What role, if any, do you think emotional health should play in making better relationships? I look forward to reading your comments below.

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