Being Triggered – Fight Flight Freeze

fight flight freeze

Fight Flight Freeze Reaction

I have been telling you about the fight or flight response and how our different Emotional Styles – Reactive or Avoidant – can impact on romance.

Reactive people are more inclined to be immediately aggressive (fight) and Avoidant people are more likely to be defensive or withdraw (flee). When triggered, people either  – fight flight freeze.

I am talking about freezing or withdrawing psychologically in many instances, not necessarily physically.

The Avoidant person may stay in the same place, but just shut down or pull back from the relationship. A bit like the deer in the headlights, an Avoidant person can have a ‘frozen’ reaction when he or she perceives danger.

Watch the short video clip by Scott Catamas below to learn how danger in today’s world is no longer the sabre toothed tiger.