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How It Was When You Started

Remember how it was when you first met ….

Are you feeling frustrated with where you are now?

Do you remember when you first got together with your partner, when you started your relationship and were “in love”?

Do you remember what you used to talk about? You talked about everything, right?

You couldn’t get enough of each other. You got together whenever you could. You talked long into the night and were forever on the phone whenever you were not together. You would talk about yourselves and your past relationships, your hopes and your dreams, your disappointments and your failures – everything!

how it was when you first met

That was because you believed that your partner wanted to know everything about you – hungered for more! “Tell me more”, is what it used to be like, “I want to know more about you.” You felt safe that no matter what you said, your partner would love you and not judge you.

Have you ever wondered what went wrong? How your relationship got to be so boring and miserable?

Have you got to the point in your relationship where you start to imagine what it would be like to be with someone else? And then you question whether or not you chose the right partner, and perhaps you should have waited a bit longer before getting married?

Sure, you remember starting out with strong feelings for each other – you can remember the chemistry between you, and how you couldn’t keep your hands off each other! But these feelings have waned. Now you often don’t want him to even touch you.

Or perhaps you’ve hit a plateau in your relationship and you’re just ‘housemates’ and can’t seem to get past it. You’re frustrated. Maybe you don’t have sex anymore and you don’t know how or what to do to get started on relationship-building activities to regain the emotional and physical intimacy you shared when you first got together.

This is one of the biggest challenges we see couples struggle with. They want to get back that feeling they had at the beginning of their relationship… that feeling of being connected, of being cherished by their partner. Of being valued and respected and totally absorbed with one another.

It is possible, you know. You CAN get back those old connected feelings. I’ll show you how.

Most people understand that old saying “use it or lose it”. If you don’t continue to practice or use a talent or ability, you might lose that ability. This is also true of relationships – if you don’t continue to work on your relationship, you might lose it.

In fact, you might be even thinking to yourself that it’s time to lose it. You might be at the stage when you’re thinking of giving up.

Perhaps you have even had the discussions, like, “we’re growing apart” or “we don’t have anything in common any more, we may as well separate and just be friends.”

But it this what you REALLY want? To go through the drama of a separation, and have to start all over again, dating someone new? Wouldn’t it be better to be able to deepen the relationship you already have, to get back a connection, where you know you love each other and are happy to be together?

You already have a shared history (and maybe kids) so surely it would be a whole lot easier than starting all over again? Plus, deep down you do love him. And he loves you. But somehow you got lazy in your relationship and took things for granted.

Time to change all that before it’s too late!

Relationship building is hard work – you need to be constant and consistent in how you go about it. But most people don’t know what the “it” is that they’re meant to be ‘going about’!

I’ve developed some strategies and systems that have made relationship-building one of the easiest and most automatic parts of daily life — and I want to share those strategies with YOU. I want you to get back that “… old, familiar, forgotten feeling…” so that you can KNOW for sure that you DID choose the right partner! You DID marry the right man or right woman!

And get back that wonderful connection you remember.

Since you’re here, you obviously want to give your relationship another go. You actually want to give it a try, to have a happy passionate marriage. Good on you… there are so many benefits of doing so!

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So let’s have a look at where you are currently in your relationship…

Would you say, at this present time, that you are Housemates? Or Best Mates? Perhaps only Playmates? But what you really want is to be Soulmates… the ultimate happy passionate relationship.

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