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What Your Mate Type Means

mate types

So now you know where you are at in terms of your relationship “Mate Type”. Are you happy with this? Is it what you expected?

To learn more about your Mate Type, take a few minutes to listen to the video I have made on it below.

Listen to the other videos on each Mate Type as well, to learn a bit more about what other people experience in their relationship.

These videos give you more information about what it means to be a Housemate, a Bestmate, a Playmate or a Soulmate.

It may be interesting to get your partner to do the quiz also and check out if you each feel the same way about where you are at now in your relationship!

Ask your partner to click the link below to complete the Intimacy Quadrant Relationship Quiz and come back here once it’s done. When you click on the link, click on the Relationship Quiz icon at the top right of the web page.

Intimacy Quadrant Relationship Quiz

Housemate Video [3:09]

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Bestmate Video [3:09]

Playmate Video [3:14]

Soulmate Video [3:23]

Now that you know YOUR “Mate Type”, are you satisfied with being that type of “Mate” in your relationship? Where do you sit on The Intimacy Quadrant? Want to do something about it?

intimacy quadrant

Would you like to “improve” your relationship and increase the amount of emotional and sexual intimacy that you share with your partner?

Wouldn’t it be just amazing to get back to being the Soulmates that you were when you first got together (and thought you would be forever)?

Take a look at the Intimacy Quadrant above again. Wouldn’t it be great to be up in that top right hand SOULMATE Quadrant. You do want to be a cherished SOULMATE to your partner don’t you?

Some people will find themselves in the Soulmate Quadrant already, but maybe a bit lower down and to the left in the quadrant than where they would like to be. So they too have room for improvement.

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