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First and foremost…

Surviving Life Dramas. How To Stop Whining And Start Living!

This book is the outcome of many years counseling people from all walks of life and socio-economic statuses in Australia and Asia, dealing with relationship issues, personal stress, adult ADD, and trauma (critical events). Time and again I taught clients the same strategies that I use myself, to get back up and keep going. Some years ago I realized that it was better to teach people these techniques BEFORE the crisis happens so that they may be better equipped to survive their own life dramas without falling into victimhood.

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 self development books surviving life dramas

Another important book on behavioral issues is…

How To Handle Difficult Behavior – And It May Be Your Own!

Almost every family, every organization, has them – people whose behavior impacts on individuals and can ruin relationships. Maybe there are people in your home or workplace with behaviors that upset you but who you simply don’t have the confidence to challenge, even though you would like to!Or maybe you will recognize yourself in this volume and start to realize how YOU drive other people crazy at work or at home.

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self development books how to handle difficult behavior

Ultimately, life is about how we feel…

EmotionMatters. How To Reduce Your Stress And Achieve Wellness.

Are you stressed – holding on to old residual traumas and dramas? Are you troubled by your feelings and want to feel safe again? Do you want help with emotional distress and personal problems? Are you and your partner just housemates? What if you could understand your emotions better – Would that help you achieve wellness?

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self development books emotion matters