How To Rekindle A Relationship

Hi, it's Karen here... Relationships break down and you might be wondering how to rekindle your relationship. There are things you can do that will bring back the spark in your relationship. In this short article I'll delve into how rekindle and fix your relationship. It's what you do before or after your relationship breaks down - it's what you do about what happens to you - that can bring back the spark! In this short article I'll delve into how to rekindle a ... [Continue Reading]

What Is Passion?

A common statement in a dying relationship is that our relationship doesn't have the passion it used to. At times this could be true, but at other times the word passion is used to encapsulate other problems in the relationship. The next time a loss of passion comes to mind ask yourself if there something else that’s going on. Read below to learn what is passion and how to add more passion to your relationship. What is passion really? In younger couples it’s often a euphemism for great sex. ... [Continue Reading]

Resolving An Issue

Resentment is a strong negative emotion that you experience when you remember or recall an incident from the past that caused an emotional pain at the time, which has never been resolved. Upon recalling the event, the body generates an emotion that can be described as anger or a feeling of being deeply upset. This emotion is a stress response and is alleviated when resolving an issue. Resolving an issue that harbors resentments is the subject of this article, not clinging to them and leaving ... [Continue Reading]

Communicating Effectively Can Save Your Marriage

Try Communicating Effectively Communicating effectively can save your marriage. Alan and Di, who had 2 children under 6, were always fighting – lots of bickering, harsh and sarcastic comments, and so often a quick rise to conflict whenever they had a discussion. They were sick of fighting and even talked about separating– but then even argued about that.  They agreed to see a counselor to assist them with the process, believing that having someone to facilitate their discussions would reduce ... [Continue Reading]