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Hi, this is Karen…

I’m SO thrilled you’re here, and I want to welcome you to – and my short free introductory course Fast Fix Marriage Guide designed to help you reconnect with your partner and achieve your marriage goals.

Completing my Intimacy Quadrant Relationship Quiz speaks volumes to your commitment and dedication towards building a happy passionate marriage.

I want you to know that my husband and business partner, Dr Mike Gosling, and I are equally committed to being here for you every step of the way.

2020 marks 23 years since Mike and I started changing minds and changing lives of people around the world through our marriage building programs.

Want to figure out why your relationship is failing?

How does your current Mate Type compare
with what you want it to be?

In my counselling practice over 37 years I’ve found there are 3 reasons relationships fail:

  1. Unresolved hurts
  2. Ineffective communication, and
  3. Not knowing and using your partner’s love language.

I provide a detailed review of the three reasons relationships fail later on in the course. First, let’s focus on finding out more about your and your spouse’s Mate Type. After that the remainder of this introductory course contains a lot of key information about building your relationship with your spouse.

In my next article, I provide you my free Fast Fix Marriage Guide, which contains an outline of everything you need to help you fix your troubled marriage, keep the family together and learn relationship skills you can use for life – in as little as 30 days.

I’m about helping you build your relationship for a better marriage!

Since you’re here, you’re probably excited to know that for over 35 years Mike and I have helped 2,634 couples from 85 different nationalities from around the world get more time, communication, and sexual intimacy with each other… making their marriages great again!

I’ve had so many people ask me “how did you do it?” and “can you show me how to do the same thing?” that we decided to put together a series of 8 short lessons on how to fix your troubled marriage.

If you have an existing marriage where you’re disconnected from your spouse – or you’re just starting out in a relationship and are already experiencing problems – you don’t need to know how to do everything, but you DO need to know the principles so that you can be masters of your relationship and avoid the pitfalls.

Let’s start with an exposé of your Mate Type.

What Sort of a Mate Are You?

mate types

You have just completed my Relationship Quiz and will know already which “Mate Type” you are in your marriage – You are one of a Housemate, a Bestmate, a Playmate or a Soulmate.

This means your relationship is at a certain stage – which you may in fact be quite happy about – OR NOT!

If you are reading this and haven’t already done the Intimacy Quadrant Relationship Quiz, you may want to do it now! The power in this Quiz is its simplicity – to find out where you’re at now in your relationship. I reckon it should take you about one minute to complete the Quiz – AND to get the answer! 

Click this link if you haven’t done the Quiz and come back here once it’s done:

Here are summary descriptions of the four “Mate Types” from the Intimacy Quadrant Quiz:


You live together and get on OK, but are not really in a loving relationship. Perhaps at one time you felt close and connected, but not anymore. You try to work out why, and realise that it’s because you are holding on to some emotional hurts.

You may never have said anything to your partner about these hurts, but if you have, nothing has been resolved. Perhaps there was even more conflict and tension as a result, and so now you don’t want to bring up emotional topics at all – you stick with the safe topics of ‘the car, the keys and the kids’. You realise you have withdrawn from the relationship, and put up a “wall”. And for the record, there’s no sex anymore.

Housemate Summary: You do not share emotional intimacy and you do not share sexual intimacy.



You may or may not live together, but that special ‘other person’ actually is your best friend. You spend as much time together as possible because you get on so well. And if you’re not together, you are in frequent phone or email contact.

You never run out of things to say, and your best mate never judges or criticises you. You share your thoughts, feelings, disappointments, hopes and dreams, even your failures. And your best mate is always ready to listen, to encourage, to respond, to give suggestions. The reason why you share so much of yourself is because you feel safe in the relationship. You have and you show affection to your best mate, but there is no sensual or sexual intimacy to complicate the relationship.

Best Mate Summary: You do share emotional intimacy, but you do not share sexual intimacy.


You are happy enough in your relationship. Perhaps you’ve not been together long, and the sexual passion is still there. You both enjoy sex and lots of it. Although you sometimes wonder if the sex is what’s keeping things together because that’s what you do when you’re alone together.

You used to have plenty to talk about, but now there seems to be little to say. Perhaps there have been some hurts, or little irritations, but you’ve not discussed them. You keep conversation to safe topics, and don’t share many of your thoughts, opinions or feelings because you don’t want the relationship to be impacted by conflict or negative comments. This results in conversations that are about things rather than about YOU and your feelings. But you reason that that’s OK, you are still connected because you still enjoy the sex.

Playmate Summary: You do not share emotional intimacy but you do share sexual intimacy.



You are a soulmate. This is the marriage you strive for, the one you always dreamed of having. You have a connection with the person you truly love, and you feel safe in the relationship, safe to be yourself. You are able to speak about the things that worry and concern you, and have your partner acknowledge those feelings and not take things personally, or get defensive. You are both able to talk things through and resolve hurts, with respect and with compassion for each other.

You love doing things with your soul mate, whether it’s preparing a meal or visiting family, simply because you enjoy each other’s company. There are many positive experiences, and you feel comfortable and content. There are no resentments that your harbour, no invisible walls between you. You feel that your soulmate knows everything about you, there are no secrets. You enjoy a mutually satisfying sex life, each of you respectful of the other’s desires, preferences and needs.

Soulmate Summary: You share both emotional intimacy AND sexual intimacy

So now you know where you are at in your marriage. Are you happy with this? Is it what you expected? Want to know more about your Mate Type? Register for a 45-minute free class with Karen Gosling today. Watch to the end to receive my free gift valued at $497!


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