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Want To Resolve Resentments, Communicate Better, and Start Using Your Love Languages To Achieve Emotional and Physical Intimacy?

By now you should be starting to realize that the dream of the ideal marriage has been replaced… a happy passionate marriage is something you need to work on each day.

I’m the only marriage counsellor in the world to help you fix your troubled marriage, keep the family together and learn relationship skills you can use for life in as little as 30-days… or I’ll work with you until you do.

I hope you never need to say this to (or hear it from) your spouse… “I’m sorry it’s just not working out. I want to leave.”

And yet these words are becoming more and more common in today’s “throw-away society” – when your relationship is not working out for you, you simply discard it for another.

Too many people are getting wrong advice to “just leave” or “get a divorce” if their relationship is on the rocks – it seems to be the easiest way to go.

But what if you could unlock what you felt – your deep connection and passion – when you first met?

You felt then that your love was strong and you would be together for ever – and that your love stood out from all other relationships.

So you fell deeply in love with each other and just expected to remain soulmates. You never imagined that your relationship might come to an end.

Then it happened… Those expectations weren’t met and your relationship started to go south. Perhaps first you stopped talking with one another, then you began avoiding each other, and next your sex life disappeared. You began to feel alone, unloved and a low priority. The sad thing is, so did your partner!

In my experience most couples don’t realize until it’s too late that their marriage lacks focus. They don’t really know what they are working towards so they have no idea what they should be working on. So they don’t do any maintenance work on their relationship. My marriage counselling changes that.

Also, couples don’t realize that men fall in love differently than women (and they certainly communicate differently to women!)

If these couples had done maintenance work on their relationship, they could have learnt about these differences:

  • They could have learnt how to resolve old emotional hurts.
  • They could have learnt how to communicate better.
  • They could have learnt to give love according to their partner’s need for love.

And if they had, they would have continued to feel trust, respect and connection.

Do you know what I’m talking about? Well the good news is, “It’s not too late!”

  • You can still learn everything you need to know to fix your troubled marriage.
  • You’ll learn what to do with your newly discovered Love Language, what it actually means, and how you apply it in building your relationship.
  • You’ll learn how to move from being just a housemate, bestmate, or playmate to being a fully committed soulmate in your relationship.
  • You’ll be doing all this together and not looking for the nearest exit!
  • Wouldn’t that be wonderful? Imagine how good that will feel.

When you’re able to make your marriage work the benefits are enormous – effective communication brings emotional stability, your children observe your constant love, an ability to resolve issues and conflict, more relaxed family time, increased sexual intimacy, and feeling secure in the relationship. Plus you avoid the heavy financial cost of separation.

If you’re open to it…. There is something you can do.

You can unlock the feelings you felt when you first met…

I am here to help you. I understand your problems. I specialize in helping couples solve their marriage problems and get reconnected so they experience that trust and respect that kept them close early in their relationship… so they enjoy emotional and sexual intimacy, love and desire, once again.

Want to get on with your life? Need help to get on with each other?

I can help you feel less stressed, more confident and in control of your relationship…

I’ve helped thousands of couples have a happy passionate marriage by;

  • understanding and applying their love languages
  • identifying and changing their “Mate” type
  • resolving long-held resentments
  • communicating better with each other, and
  • regaining emotional and physical intimacy.

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is when you follow my marriage fixing system… 

Get started today on having a happy passionate marriage, keeping the family together, and learning relationship skills you can use for life. Register for a 45-minute free class with Karen Gosling today. Watch to the end to receive my free gift valued at $497!


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