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Before counseling can commence, Gosling International requires that you complete our registration formalities and accept the following terms and conditions:

1. Acknowledge Gosling International’s Professional Statement

I acknowledge that I have read and understood the Gosling International Professional Statement. I agree to:

  • A. Limits of Confidentiality and
  • B. Limits of Professional Counseling Consultations provided below:

A. Limits of Confidentiality

Gosling International is committed to protecting your privacy and security of your personal data. All consultations will be conducted in a professional manner where privacy and confidentiality are assured. Disclosure of confidential information may need to be reported to the appropriate persons or agencies, including legal counsel, where the client:

  • Threatens suicide.
  • Threatens harm to another person(s), including murder, assault, or other physical harm.
  • Is a minor (under 18) and reports suspected child abuse, including but not limited to, physical beatings and sexual abuse.
  • Reports abuse of the elderly.
  • Is involved in a legal, including marital, dispute.
  • Defaults in paying their outstanding account and the account is handed to an agency for collection.

B. Limits of Professional Counseling Consultations

Gosling International assists clients seeking behavioral change or those experiencing personal distress and social and psychological problems through professional emotional leadership coaching and counseling consultations.

Whilst the consultant will strive to assist clients with behavioral change or personal issues, the consultant will not be held responsible if a client’s personal circumstances remain unchanged.

Where ongoing referral is deemed necessary by the consultant, permission will be sought from the client (parent/guardian) for the case to be discussed.

Step 2. Accept Professional Counseling Consultation Fee

Standard Rate – 1 Hour Counseling Consultation @ $240 per hour

AUD $ 240.00
Plan A: Buy 6 Hrs Counseling @ $198 per hour
AUD $ 1,188.00
Plan B : Buy 10 Hrs Counseling @ $180 per hour
AUD $ 1,800.00
Plan C : Buy 15 Hrs Counseling @ $150 per hour
AUD $ 2,250.00

I understand that counselling consultations are charged for time used at an hourly rate and that appointments are not set for a predetermined time.

I have been fully informed of your Professional Counseling Consultation Fee Schedule and agree to pay fees at the standard rate of AUD$240 per hour or at such other rate or rates as may be otherwise agreed by both parties pro rata for hours used or part thereof, except where I buy a prepaid Consultation Plan in which case I agree to pay consultation fees at the plan rate per hour pro rata for hours used or part thereof.

I agree that home/hospital visits are charged at an additional fee of AUD$120 per visit.

3. Acknowledge Payment Method And Refunds Of Fees

I acknowledge that Gosling International does not offer time payment facilities and that all consultation fees are payable at the time of appointment either by Cash, EFTPOS (VISA, MasterCard) or online through our ecommerce provider, PayPal.

I acknowledge that Consultation Plans are payable in advance and not by instalments and that on completion of any prepaid Consultation Plan ongoing consultations I will be charged at the standard rate per hour, except where a new prepaid Consultation Plan is purchased.

I agree that no refund is due where counseling has been completed. However, where a refund of a prepaid Consultation Plan is requested in writing, consultations completed under any plan will be charged at the standard rate of AUD$240 per hour and the balance of the plan, less bank charges, refunded by Gosling International cheque in AUD$ made payable to the name appearing on the debit card, credit card voucher, cheque drawer, or PayPal transaction and mailed to the last advised postal address.

I further agree that prepaid Consultation Plans will expire two years from the date of purchase if unused and no refund shall be payable.

4. Pastoral Care

Gosling International will provide up to 10 minutes of telephone consultations free of charge. I agree to pay the full consultation fee, including the initial 10 minutes, at the standard or plan rate per hour pro rata for hours used or part thereof for telephone consultations that exceed 10 minutes duration.

5. No Shows

If I fail to attend a scheduled appointment at the agreed time, Gosling International will wait 15 minutes before attending to something else and I agree to pay for a 15-minute consultation at the agreed rate. PROVIDED ALWAYS that should there be good reason for my non-attendance, and where I advise Gosling International of my inability to attend such appointment at least two hours before the agreed time, no fee will be charged.

6. Law

The terms and conditions of this web site and our relationship are governed by Australian law. You agree that in the unlikely event of a dispute arising out of your professional counseling consultations to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Commonwealth of Australia and the State of Queensland.

7. Agreement

If you agree to the above terms and conditions and to the Terms of Use for this website, please download, complete and sign the following three registration forms and bring them with you to your first appointment :

  1. Professional Statement
  2. Agreement To Accept Professional Counselling Consultation Charges
  3. Personal Information Sheet

8. Payment of the Counseling Fee

PLEASE NOTE: Counseling sessions will not commence until the Registration Forms in Item 7 above have been duly completed and received by Gosling International.

Counseling consultation fees are payable at the time of appointment either by Cash, EFTPOS (VISA, MasterCard) or online through our ecommerce provider, PayPal. Gosling International offers substantial discounts for pre-payment of counseling plans. Please see our Professional Counseling Consultation Fee Schedule

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