Personal Counselling Gold Coast

Personal Counselling Gold Coast Helps Puts You In Control Over Your Feelings!

personal counsellorPersonal Counselling Gold Coast is for you first of all, if your feeling troubled by your feelings?  

All things considered, can you imagine being free from emotional pain and being back in control?

From here on Personal Counselling gives you an opportunity to be heard and understood without judgement.  As a result of talking with experienced Counselor Karen Gosling, you gain insights into your personal problems and feelings.

Consequently, a confidential relationship develops between you and Karen and you begin to feel safe to disclose other troubling issues causing you distress. Hence, counselling often leads to increased self-awareness and you taking more control of your life.

Furthermore, people who try counselling say they feel better after just one session.

  • As a result he counselor is able to interpret non-verbal communication to aid assessment of your situation
  • Most noteworthy is there is more than simply voice/tone/words as the form of communication
  • Also, there is the opportunity for physical contact with you; a hug or touch if appropriate
  • In addition, the counselor often uses space/seating to adjust the relationship
  • Finally, care can be shown in other ways – tissues, a cup of coffee
  • And much much more!

Consequently here’s the good news – You CAN succeed with personal counseling Gold Coast even if you’ve never been to counselling before! Moreover, this can be done face-to-face, by telephone, email or online via Skype.

Maybe all you need is the know-how and guidance…

Karen Gosling of Relationship Counselling Gold Coast conducts face-to-face individual consultations by appointment and by Skype and email. Accordingly, all consultations are confidential.

Here are the benefits of personal counselling with Karen Gosling:


You have an opportunity to ventilate feelings and perspectives and not be judged


The counselor gives explanations to and normalises the feelings you are having


You leave believing that you have just taken the first step to feeling better long-term


Over several sessions you will learn strategies to manage negative emotions and how to respond to others in mature and appropriate ways


You will experience immediately the impact this changed behavior has on your self-esteem and on your relationship


In many cases, partners and family members are inspired to come to counseling with you


Most of all, you will learn new emotional knowledge and understand your emotional style to help you improve your emotional well-being


Personal counselling is available face-to-face in my counselling rooms in Labrador, Gold Coast or by Skype or telephone.  In any case it may occur over several days, weeks, or months with clients, depending on the issues, and often will result in an ongoing conversation between the clients and counselor.

Learn how to increase your self-awareness with you taking more control of your life. Book an appointment with Karen Gosling now.

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