Marriage Counselling Gold Coast

Puts You Back In Control When
Marriage Problems Are Mounting!

marriage counselling gold coast

Marriage Counselling Gold Coast helps when your marriage is going through a difficult patch.

At any rate, are you becoming housemates who have lost the passion for each other you once had.  As a consequence could you use some help moving through the process of resolving resentments that keep you feeling hostile and unloved? Also, Marriage Counselling Gold Coast to help you stay together or separate once you’ve discovered what’s best for you and your relationship. Whatever happens, effective communication is an essential skill.

Couples will use my marriage counseling to explore unresolved hurts, ineffective communication, and work out how each partner gives and receives love according to their needs.  In addition, I’m really good at helping women and men over 45 move through the process of divorce.

Marriage counselling Gold Coast takes place face-to-face in my counselling rooms or by Skype or telephone.  In fact, it may occur over several days, weeks, or months with clients, depending on the issues, and often will result in an ongoing conversation between the clients and counsellor.  Once you start marriage counselling, you will be able to:

  • Explore unresolved hurts that nag at your relationship
  • Learn how to communicate effectively
  • Find out how your partner receives love and whether or not you are meeting those needs
  • Tell your story in a safe and secure environment
  • Have your feelings validated and acknowledged by your spouse
  • Learn to see things from another person’s perspective
  • And much much more!

And here’s the good news – You CAN succeed with marriage counselling even if you are a COMPLETE beginner!

Maybe all you need is the know-how and guidance…

Karen Gosling of Relationship Counselling Gold Coast conducts face-to-face individual consultations by appointment and by Skype and email. Accordingly, all consultations are confidential.

Here are the benefits when you start marriage counseling with Karen Gosling:


You have an opportunity to ventilate feelings and perspectives and not be judged


The counselor gives explanation to and normalizes the feelings you are having


You leave believing that you have just taken the first step to fixing your marriage


Over several sessions you will effective communication techniques to manage negative emotions in the relationship and deal with resentments


You will experience the impact this changed behavior has on your self-esteem and on your relationship


In most cases, your spouse will be inspired to come to counseling with you


You will learn emotional knowledge, understand your emotional style, and develop your emotional intelligence to help you improve emotional well-being


Marriage counselling is available face-to-face in my counselling rooms in Labrador, Gold Coast or by Skype or telephone.  In any case it may occur over several days, weeks, or months with clients, depending on the issues, and often will result in an ongoing conversation between the clients and counselor.

Learn more about how to RE-Connect in your relationship using correct communication. Rekindle the romance you had when you started out together. Book an appointment with Karen Gosling now.

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