Karen’s Keynotes

Karen’s keynotes – I am passionate about touching peoples’ lives so they feel empowered. My message is one of believing in yourself and getting back in control. My engaging style will have your audience asking for more case studies of real life events.

An expert professional counselor, with more than 34 years experience in Australia and South East Asia, I specialize in individual, relationship, adult add, and trauma (critical incident) counseling. I help people let go of negativity and elevate emotional well-being. I will provide practical tips, tool, and techniques to help you become more emotionally healthy, wealthy and wise.

“In your seminar, you gave me the final piece of the puzzle that makes up Jacinta Noonan!  Your talk on Highly Sensitive People was one of the biggest turnarounds in my life, but little did I know an even bigger turnaround was about to happen.Thank You from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge and observations of me as an ADD Adult.  You have handed me a gift that is more significant than you will ever know.  Thank you for helping me make sense of me.” – With love, Jacinta.


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Supporting Staff After A Critical Incident At Work

A critical incident is any event that results in a person or a group of people experiencing trauma; severe emotional distress. Karen will speak to your staff individually or as a group on trauma and how it affects the life of your employees and their families, and trauma counseling.

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What Happens After The Tsunami

The Asian Tsunami on December 26, 2004 devastated human lives, families, communities and economic development in many countries. Years later individuals are still struggling to come to terms with the trauma, grief of losing loved ones and the ongoing emotional impact the critical incident had on peoples lives. In this keynote I outline my involvement with the Asian tsunami and offer insight on how to manage trauma in one’s life.

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The Anxious Personality

If you’re an anxious person you experience a strong reaction to things in your environment that may be a threat, which results in you having a larger stress response then someone else. As an anxious person you will find it difficult to tolerate uncertainty about the future and things that may go wrong. Karen will explain everything your audience needs to know about how your emotional brain, nervous system and emotions are interconnected. Discover how to manage anxiety.

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Adult Attention Difference Disorder (ADD)

In this keynote I speak on identifying and understanding Adult ADD and learning structures to manage ADD both at work and in relationships. I much prefer to talk about Attention Difference Disorder rather than Attention Deficit Disorder, which is the commonly known name. The reasons for that will become clear as I explain why Adult ADD is something to be celebrated.

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Conversations With Karen

Live seminars will recommence in 2018 on the Gold Coast, Queensland.

Conversations With Karen is a series of six-seminars to give women and men new skills and inspiration for emotional management, professional development, and balance in their work and family roles. This will assure participants that they can take steps to manage behavioral change and deal with emotional distress, personal problems, or troubled feelings.

Each seminar provides an opportunity to meet in a casual, relaxed environment to gain information on emotional health and elevate emotional well-being.

I specialize in relationship and trauma (critical incident) counseling and my personal warmth, professional expertise, and positive outlook makes me uniquely qualified to lead this menu of specially tailored seminars designed to provide an optimal learning situation.

The 3-hour seminars, coffee break, Q&A, and lunch will provide participants plenty of opportunity to ask questions and participate in the discussion generated.

Six seminar topics include:

  1. The Housemate Syndrome
  2. The Highly Sensitive Person
  3. Resolving Resentments
  4. Dealing With Depression
  5. Managing Adult ADD
  6. Finding Love Again

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