Congratulations on being you!

I read a wonderful article the other day in the Weekend Australian Magazine (April 20-21) about a woman who has recently become a recognised author, and this BECAUSE of a disability rather than IN SPITE of it. Honey Brown (her real name, proposed by her dad after seeing a great ad for honey on a galvanised iron shed over 40 years ago!) was left a paraplegic after being crushed by a cow on their farm in Victoria, 5 years ago, when her children were still little. She describes her depression that ... [Continue Reading]

Whole Hearted ADHD

This guest post is by Jacqueline Sinfield of Untapped Brilliance. Dr. Brene Brown studied human connection for over 6 years. During that time she realized that connection isn’t something that can be studied in isolation. Love, belonging and worthiness are all intertwined with the connection.  Dr. Brown discovered there are 2 types of people. The first type she named "The whole hearted". These people have a strong sense of love and belonging . The second type struggle for a sense of love ... [Continue Reading]

Talk on Adult ADD

I have been asked to speak to a group of mental health professionals (mainly psychologists and social workers, possibly some GPs or psychiatrists) next week about Adult ADD. I have an hour. And my dilemma is, I don't know what my focus should be in this hour. I could tell them about the neurobiology of Attention Deficit Disorder, how it really is a neurological condition and it really does impact on the way a person thinks and behaves. I could show them diagrams of the brain and the faulty ... [Continue Reading]

Coping With Marriage And ADHD

Today's Relationships - Meredith Vieira's Interview with Dr. Edward Hallowell and Melissa Orlov Gold Coast Counsellor Karen Gosling specialises in helping couples adapt to each other's personality and quirks, including behaviours associated with Adult ADD (ADHD). She teaches couples to celebrate the difference where Adult ADD (ADHD) is impacting on the relationship. Over time, once you know about ADD you can challenge each other to re-examine long-held expectations about gender ... [Continue Reading]